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CMAT Latest Syllabus 2019 New Exam Pattern –

CMAT Syllabus: The CMAT 2019 examination is a national level expulsion organized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) organized once in the month of January 2019. Common MAT results 2019 will be accepted by all AICTE-approved institutions / university departments / constitution colleges / affiliated colleges. AICTE does not have a defined course for CMAT 2019 and the level of difficulty of questions is between low to medium. Therefore, no candidates in CTAT 2019 are disqualified, even if their CMAT 2019 result score is not very high.

CMAT Exam Pattern –



Total marks

Number of questions


Quantitative Techniques &                Data Interpretation




Logical Reasoning




General Awareness




Language Comprehension



CMAT 2019 Mock Test :

A Trial Test is available on the official website of CMAT 2019. This is to help the candidates get addicted to online testing and navigation functionality. Candidates are advised to go through the CMAT Mock Test so that they can become familiar with screen, layout and navigation. Testing tests are very useful and are an important part of the candidate’s preparation for the exam. This allows the candidate to make better understanding of the test.

Some of the benefits of taking a trial test are:

  • It gives candidates an idea about their speed and efficiency.
  • It helps candidates to manage their time better in the actual test.
  • The acquaints candidates with the navigation and layout of the test.
  • A Trial test may also help candidates to form an idea about their actual score in the test.
  • It gives candidates confidence to perform in the actual test.

CMAT Syllabus 2019-Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation –

This section is designed to assess the candidate’s numerical merit and original mathematical ability. It also evaluates the problem solving capabilities of the candidates and their understanding rate of some mathematical concepts. Data interpretation involves understanding the figures given in various statistical forms such as pie charts, graphs, etc. and solving the problems based on the data interpreted. In order to increase the speed of problem solving for the candidates, know the various shortcuts for calculations like common multiple point multiplication, log tables, squares and cubes.

The QTDI section is designed to test the candidate on the following areas-

  • Basic Math skills
  • Numerical skills
  • Mental Math skills
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Statistical skills

The candidates must work on their accuracy while answering questions.

The CMAT Syllabus 2019 exam for this section will cover the following:

1.  Allegation & Mixtures
2.    Algebra
3.    Averages
4.    Bar Graphs
5.    Caselets
6.    Co-ordinate geometry
7.    Clocks & Calendars
8.    Geometry
9.    HCF & LCM
10.   In-equations Quadratic and linear equations
11.   Installment Payments
12.   Logarithms
13.   Line Graph
14.   Mean – Arithmetic, harmonic
15.   Menstruation
16.   Number Base System
17.   Partnership (Accounts)
18.   Permutation & Combination
19.   Pie Chart
20.   Pipes and Cisterns
21.   Probability
22.   Profit & Loss
23.   Progressions – Arithmetic, Geometric, Maxima & Minima
24.   Ratio & Proportions
25.   Simple & Compound Interest
26.   Tables
27.   Time, Distance, Weights & Heights
28.   Venn Diagram

CMAT Syllabus 2019: Logical Reasoning

This section comprises of the topics listed below:

Logical Reasoning

This section assess the candidates’ command over the English language, his Reading Comprehension ability and Critical Reasoning. The questions in this section includes the following topics: CMAT 2019 Syllabus- Language Comprehension –

Analytical Reasoning


Cause and Effects

Coding and Decoding

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Ranking Tests

Linear Arrangements

Matrix Arrangements

Analogy Test


Symbol Based Problems

Statements Assumptions

Statements Arguments

Number Series

Blood Relationship Tests

Statements and Conclusion

Direction and Distance Test

  • Verbal Reasoning             –              Syllogisms
  • Contextual usage             –              Analogies
  • Antonyms                          –              Fill In the Blanks
  • Jumbled paragraphs        –              Sentence Correction
  • Sentence correction         –              Odd one out
  • Idioms One word substitution
  • Different usage of same word    –   Fact Inference and Judgement (FIJ)

CMAT Syllabus 2019- General Awareness :

This section covers two topics- Current Affairs and Static GK. Candidates can prepare from the topics given below:

  • Current Affairs                         –              Business
  • Punch line of companies          –              Top officials of big companies
  • Major corporate events            –              Famous award and prizes
  • World Records                           –              Books and authors
  • Science                                       –              History
  • Geography                                  –              International organizations
  • Important quotations                –              Social issues
  • Sports                                        –              Finance
  • Automobiles                                –              Entertainment
  • Politics                                       –              Everyday life

CMAT Exam Pattern FAQs :

Ques. How many sections are there in CMAT exam?

Ans. There will be four sections in the test. The sections are

  • Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Language Comprehension and
  • General Awareness

Ques. What is the marking scheme of the Common Management Admission Test?

Ans. For each correct answer, 4 marks will be awarded, for each wrong answer, 1 mark shall be deducted.

Ques. What is the duration of the test?

Ans. The total duration of CMAT is 3 hours.

Ques. Does CMAT 2019 have a syllabus for exam preparation?

Ans. No, AICTE has not defined any particular syllabus for the exam preparation. But a few mock tests are provided by the authority at the official website of CMAT which can be considered for understanding the pattern and topics.

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