How to prepare for IAS Exam 2019 Without Coaching for Prelims/Mains

We all want to do something someone are preparing for job and someone are preparing for civil service exam and students who are going for the civil service exam they are always in a dilemma why we will qualify , why we will prepare, what time slot we will give for the studies, they are just making the time table and cut , they are not able to understand what to study and what to not some are going for coaching while some prefer to prepare in a home, still they are in a dilemma after all civil service exam is not low rank, this is a high level exam were we cannot sit without study, and to qualify this exam is a dream come true.

How to prepare for IAS Exam 2019

As we all are aware about UPSC is conduction these civil service exam year and many students qualify the exam, as they take the right way for preparing these exam, we know these exam are very long we mean to say to complete this exam it will take a year to complete the all process which are the rules of these exam.

The exam process is very long that sometime students get frustrated to compete the level, that is the reason for qualify this civil service exam we forget our personal life and we are just studying but that is not the good thing if we will get the right approach of the studies we are able to know how we will qualify the IAS exam as we know the topic are very vast for the IAS exam but we have to give space to our personal , our family , so that our life does not get effect while we are preparing for the IAS exam, in this article we will guide you how to prepare IAS exam. But before that do you know about what is IAS

Know About IAS:

IAS is also known as Indian Administration Service Exam which is also be named as Imperial Civil Service, this exam is known for its toughness that means this exam is one of the most toughest exam in overall India it is because they have face many level of exam, and this exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission which is recruiting all Indian Administration Civil Service officers

And if anyone qualify the IAS rank exam they must be selected by the Union government, state government and public sector undertaking they will get many job roles to do , they can serve as a collector, Head of the Public sector units, Commissioner, Chief Secretary, Cabinet Secretary and many other high ranks officials posts.

And the other thing about the IAS officer posting in international Government also the United Nations (UN), Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and to work in these position a person fist have to qualify the exam and now we will tell you how to prepare for this exam in this article.

How to prepare:

To prepare for IAS exam we must don’t take any tension whether it is related to our personal life or with other, a students need to free herself from all worries , after that they can start state preparing for this exam when a students are thinking that they must apply for the IAS exam then before a year they must have to start studying for this exam, they need to consult books, go for mock test, aptitude test, know about general knowledge, know about reasoning, know about English, and a person  have to read the newspaper daily that too almost five to six newspapers so that they are well aware about the things.

How to Prepare for CAT Exam 2019

For IAS preparation they need to time fixation like on what time what we have to read, after all they must have to qualify mains as well as prelims, first they can prefer to study the subject which are very touch so that they can revise, and according then they can study the second subject but they gave to allotted the months for every subject and then mock test and other things. As they have to go for two phases prelims and mains.

FOR IAS Mains:

This a students have to allot the time for the preparation of IAS Mains and need to look for the previous papers, and the topic which are in the syllabus, they must give at least six months for preparing for the mains exam without any tension, they can study with the happy mind, they must consult the proper books of correct authors, they just focus on books and the topic, they need to go for mock test.

For IAS Prelims:

For this they need to go for the current affairs, they need to study newspaper, currents books, which are related to the current affairs. As we know this is a toughest exam but apart from the hard work a students also need smart work, and tension free so that they can easily qualify the exam.

Here is the syllabus: General Studies Paper 1

All the complete syllabus are given.

Indian History:

Ancient, medieval, modern it is beneficial to focus more on ancient and modern history as more questions are trigger from here. Study art and culture along with history. Don’t view art and culture as well as history as separate subjects. Refer How to study Indian History for IAS Examination?


Physical [world], Indian geography, give more stress on Indian geography. Correlate current events of Indian landscape along with theory. For example, if some news came about the great northern plains, go thoroughly through great northern plains, its characteristics, significance areas covered and so on.  Also, refer to How to study geography for IAS Exam.

Indian Polity:

Correlate with the current scenario, as UPSC focus on logical aspects. Simple book reading is not sufficient for scoring from Indian polity. Also read: How to study Indian Polity for IAS exam?

Indian Economy:

Read economic survey and union budget while preparing for the Indian Economy. Economic survey is an inevitable part of IAS preparation. Also Check: How to prepare Indian Economy for IAS Exam?

Environment and ecology:

As IFS [Indian Forest Service] examination are conducted together with UPSC, an increased number of questions are being asked from this subject.

Science and technology:

Various technological advancements in our country that’s of national and international importance. For instance, 2018 prelims can expect questions from ISRO’s recent PSLV launch.

Current Affairs:

This part should be cover by newspapers, magazines, and government websites like PIB, IDSA, and PRS etc. In recent years there are a lot of questions ask from current affairs. So the importance of current affairs can’t be neglect. We are also providing current affairs daily quiz which is helpful for IAS preparation 2018.

Paper 2 CSAT (Civil Service Aptitude Test)

  1. Comprehension- mainly to assess your proficiency in English.
  2. Interpersonal skills that include communication skills.
  3. Reasoning both logical and analytical
  4. Decision making and problem-solving – this part does not carry negative marks, so that candidate can approach this part without fear of losing marks.
  5. General mental ability
  6. Data interpretation and basic numerical skills.

Here is the list of book collection:

  1. Book collection – embark on your IAS preparation by collecting authorized books for each subject. Hindi Medium aspirants can refer to IAS Books in Hindi Medium. NCERT books from class 6 to 12 are the holy books for IAS preparation. NCERT textbooks cannot be omitted for basic reading. Refer: List of Useful  NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation
  2. Newspaper reading- read the newspaper on a pretty regular basis to correlate current affairs with each subject. Remember that UPSC will form questions on logical basis rather than direct questions. This article will help you on this topic How to read Hindu newspaper for IAS exam.
  3. Magazine reading- apart from newspapers magazines like yojana, kurushetra, the frontline etc. plays a decisive role in improving your writing skills for mains. Refer: How to read Yojana for IAS Exam.
  4. Writing practice- practice answering questions from previous question papers. Set a time limit for each question and practice more to improve writing skills.
  5. Question paper analysis- a complete analysis of previous years question papers will give you an idea about the recent trend of question formulation. In fact, there is no guarantee from UPSC or UPSC don’t set a certain percentage for each subject.
  6. Mock tests and interpretation– attending a mock test will enable to evaluate your strength and weakness. Simply attending mock test won’t work out, but the interpretation of mistakes and its correction will let you to quick march to your desired service.
  7. Decide your optional paper at an early stage- think of your optional and prepare it before prelims will reduce your pressure at the mains stage. Useful read: How to select an optional subject?
  8. Study general studies papers along with mains- along with prelims, study GS papers for mains. There are common papers for mains and prelims. Hence, it will save your time and energy also.
  9. Follow useful government websites– various governmental websites are a cluster of recent government policy and information.

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