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Online Registration 2019

If you are Job giver, Job seeker or career counselor registers yourself

All of us qualified either with master’s degree or Graduate and we all want to earn so that we can support our family but we are not aware about the jobs.

So don’t worry as we are going to provide you a good news in this article www.ncr.gov.in is one of the job portal that too a government which was inaugurated our Prime Minister and labour and Employment of Government of India which was named as a National Career Service, this website is based on ICT with this intention that it creates a bridge between job seeker, career counselor and a job giver.

In this portal people will receive job matching service that too in a very uses friendly ways and in a transparency, that is the main reason when you register yourself you have to link your Aadhar number. In this portal a person need every facility which include career counseling and different channels can provide their content like Career centre, Mobile devises etc.

This portal will also provide you requirement of the youth weather they are related to the information of education, training and all that they also provide information for local service like house hold things and other consumer’s service like driving, plumbing.

So job seekers and job providers just register yourself of you can contact with the giving helpline number that is 1800-425-1514 just remember one thing you can call in between 8.00 to 8.pm that too from Tuesday to Sunday.

Here are some features:

Connecting aspirations of the youth: Online and Offline Registration, Skills and Jobs in demand guidance, Career assistance, Search and apply for jobs, job fairs, training programs, and career exhibitions.

Bridging the gap between employers and job seekers: Online and Offline Registration, Search and select job seekers profile, Post jobs, Send job offer, Participate in events and job fairs.

Transforming employment exchanges to career centers: All state employment exchanges, Job seeker registration and verification Employment Market Information (EMI), Job fairs, events, and workshop, Information on Government program related to employment and training.

Skill development Impacting career, life and work of rural and urban youth: Search Skill training seekers and employers, Publish Training Calendar, Job fairs, events and workshops, Link to career centers.

Guiding towards the right career: Online and Offline Registration, Job seekers, skill training seekers and employers, Events and counseling sessions, Modes of counseling, Link to Career Centers.

Find local Services,: Online and Offline Registration, Select desired services, Receive feedback, Update profile, View and Participate in events and job fairs.

Call center for career services for the less internet say: Registration for unschooled and differently abled job seekers, Opportunity information desk, Multi lingual support, Receive feedback, Grievance redressal.

Here are the ways of register yourself:

  • If you are a job seeker : Job Seeker
  • If you are a company : Employer
  • You provide local services : Local Services
  • If you are a household user : Household User
  • If you are a training institute : Skill Provider
  • You are a counselor : Counselor
  • If you are a consultancy or Placement Organization : Placement Organization

After register you’re all details you will revive an OTP code

And you are fully registered in this site.

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